May 24, 2008

2 Girls, A Play, & Sonny

Okay I am totally bumbed out Hailey was in a play at school "
 The Very Hungry Catapillar. She was the sun!!! I took video but my silly camera didnt record the sound. GOSH!!! Silly camera ruined my life.... I have pictures I am going to share. The play was really an analogy of how the kids are catapillars turning into butterflys (because they are going into KG) AWWW how cute.. Me and Noelle leave on thursday to go to LARD (manteca) Pray that wayne will live through 4 days with konner & hailey. I'm a little worried. I'm sure it will be fine. Till my next post...Tschüss

1 Happy Thoughts:

Allreds said...

Oh no!! I hate that when you want to capture something and it doesn't work out. How fun that you are doing something just you and Noelle and Wayne just the other two. I'm sure they will be fine and have a blast to boot! I got your IM...I will call you because it's way easy to do all those things. Love you! Miss you!