May 28, 2008

Mermorial Day & Last Week of School Pics

Well What a busy week we are having. On monday we went to Sister Benson's house and had a blast. Then put up a huge water slide, not only that but they had tons of toys and lots of land to FROLIC and Play. They also took us to there pond were we fed Cat Fish Watermelon Rines.. They were huge fish. Also I took some pics of Hailey and her Fav teachers from the Clemson Road CDC her Pre-K school. We will miss them and the wonderful program. Tommarow I leave for LARD and will update as soon as I come HOME..

Hailey & Mrs.Camron Her Music Teacher

Hailey & Mrs.Elliot Her Teacher That we LOVE......

Hailey & Mrs.Bradshaw (the Aide)

Hailey after the water slide.

Konner using a pool net to catch bugs.

3 Happy Thoughts:

Millers! said...

really cathcing bugs in SC isnt that hard.. LOl.. that is an adorable picture of Konnor he is concentrating so hard! and of course miss Hailey is just gorgeous.. have fun in Lard!

SarahLiz said...

what a bunch of cuties!! i think we need to set konner and jenavive up in about 15 years, LOL. i love you and miss you and wish you had time to chat!

Price Family said...

Your kids our getting so big.