May 17, 2014

1 way to SAVE MONEY with a Military Move

One Way To Save Money With A Military Move

   Mr. W received orders for a new position in New York which meant we were moving, I personally dislike the process of moving. Don't get me wrong, I like to experience new places, I just don't care for all the work that goes along with it.  Among my least favorite is finding a place to live. Deciding if living on base is right or finding a rental that fits our families needs. Scouring the web for good reviews on dentists, schools, and neighborhoods. You can see how this could get frustrating quickly right? 

The Military gives you a set amount of money for moving called Dislocation Allowance (DLA). The DLA is used to offset the costs you acquire while you wait for a home on Base, or for a home on the Economy.  In my opinion it's not nearly enough for my family of 5, especially if you end up waiting for a house on post. In our case housing was not available for at least one month. What we do with the DLA is our choice, but it was clear we didn’t want to spend $3,280 for a month in a hotel. We checked the area for something more economical, but unfortunately nothing was available.
In the past I have looked at living in a Camper full time and with the idea of saving money and paying off debt. I loved the simplistic idea of letting go of our many comforts and living with less. Once the planning was completed and the move began, we decided to save the money and rent a travel trailer.

Total Cost for 30 Days
(Through Local MWR)
   Sleeps 6

      Now mind you, this isn't as easy as I am making it sound. Especially having to leave this.

3,000+ sqft

   If you aren't used to small spaces you might get a little claustrophobic the first day. But it's doable for a short period of time. Our kids are over the moon with excitement. It is quiet, comfortable, and the greatest benefit is we parked it in a friends driveway so we aren't paying a lot fee. We are still getting internet and hook our computer up to the T.V. to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you have a good friend where you are moving and this option is available to you, I highly recommend it. We try and spend a lot of time outside, since the weather here is low 60's and we aren't on top of each other in the trailer. 

The decision to do this made the transition from one duty station to the other less of a hardship financially and we were able to actually use some of the DLA to buy things we needed for our new home. If you can do without for a short time I believe the money you can save is worth it. 

April 29, 2014

From Average to Ideal

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If your like me you have to work towards your Ideal body weight,. My food choices have to be meticulously calculated and planned. If I fail to prepare healthy and choose convenience, I feel like a beached whale. I get grumpy, tired, and worst of all I get Headaches. So I had to start paying attention to what I was putting into my body and how much. That's when I came across a post about IdealShape.  I thought I'd give it a try, I had been using body by vi and had no reason to stop using it. I honestly like the thought of brain training!

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IdealShape is a company based out of Utah, for the last 11 years they have assisted individuals in transforming their mind and body for life by using brain training, nutrition and exercise. I received the Ideal 30 Day plan. I began the transformation first by using my shakes. When I get home from Cross fit in the morning I make a shake, I play around with the recipe's but I always use almond milk in mine. I love adding PB2 and banana's depending on my mood. I then began to add in the IdealBar's especially during the last few weeks. We are moving and I needed a quick go to. Before I started the program I made sure to read my IdealShape "For LIFE Book" ! A must for anyone who wants a true change in their health, not a quick fix but a transformation. I made sure to take the NatralShape just as the bottle indicated and I drink LOT'S of  WATER....

  • The Ideal 30 Day
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My Recipe 
Handful of ice
1 cup of Almond Milk
1 Scoop of IdealShape Chocolate 
1 tbsp of PB2
Sometimes I substitute frozen banana's for ice

Blend and Enjoy!

 I enjoyed IdealShape and will continue to use it. I will blog again once I get my "Braintraining" Cd's in the mail. I think any good change comes from within and Attitude is EVERYTHING. I like the support that IdealShape provides. I struggle with self-image and staying consistent.  That's why I feel the brain training will make a difference. I also loved that IdealShape provides additional items that support using the shakes. Such as the NatralShape, LOVE IT. I hope you take some-time to browse the website and take a look around. 



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